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The Devil and I
The fiddle is not an instrument I can play,
But I still bet the Devil my soul today.
He appeared before me as I sat at my desk,
A demon with red eyes and a face so grotesque.
He wanted to see who could weave the darker tale,
And said he'd take my soul to Hell if I should fail.
I took his bet with an odd sort of glee,
For there is no one that has a muse darker than me.
Then that old Devil pulled a pen from behind his ear,
Leered at me, laughing as though I had something to fear.
His ink ran red as blood as he wrote,
And I couldn't hide the chuckle that rose up in my throat.
He told of the things he knew best, the depths of his Hell,
Where the damned and his loyal demons eternally dwell.
A chorus of souls dictated his tale as it was penned,
Speaking in voices almost too ghastly to comprehend.
He expected me to scream in terror, to quiver perhaps,
But my confidence was too great for my knees to collapse.
And as I began to write his anger with me grew and grew,
For he knew I had won even b
:iconmacabrevampire:MacabreVampire 7 8
What are these things that gather 'round my bed?
Creatures of darkest shadow and shapeless form,
Which come to me on the eve of this wicked storm.
Be they messengers from the realm of the dead,
These beings that fill my heart with such dread?
They crowd my chamber in a haphazard swarm,
Their presence disturbing yet somehow quite warm.
"Are you all truly here, or are you only in my head?"
Said they, "We are souls from a world beyond,
We inspire, we heal, and we mean you no harm."
As I lay dying there they filled my soul with song,
And of those shadows I grew quite fond,
For I found they had a certain otherworldly charm.
It is to I alone that these gentle shadows will belong.
:iconmacabrevampire:MacabreVampire 3 0
She Is...
She is a doll with a face of porcelain white
Has a lovely bowtie smile so contrite
She hates the monster hiding beneath the bed
And prefers the one in the closet instead
She is a queen with thorns in her crown
Cobwebs hide in the folds of her gown
She wears plastic rings on each of her fingers
Past beauty and grandeur only faintly lingers
She is a writer without ink or quill
Her gift is such a bittersweet pill
She writes in blood upon her own skin
In effort to calm the demons within
She is a corpse without a crypt
Lived a life with such a tragic script
She has no headstone to mark her grave
Thought herself a queen but died a knave
:iconmacabrevampire:MacabreVampire 6 2
Cold Tea
A white knight goes riding in my cold tea
Reflected in my round amber mirror
He seeks out a dragon to slay, just for me.
Such a darling, my hero, what a damn pity!
How will he ever conquer that mighty beast
While it is so massive and he is so very bitty?
Perhaps I should have told him before he began
About the awful nature of his quest
And how the dragon has eaten man after man.
Oh well.
Look, how bravely he does draw his sword!
A flash of cold metal, a show of hard steel,
Just a few moments in and I’m already bored.
Be he brave and have as much courage as he may,
I can certainly and without a doubt say
That he’ll be dead and gone by the end of the day.
Yet he will not be last to put his ass on the line
To win the love of a fairly sadistic maiden
Who amounts suitors like a herd and his swine.
Oh dear.
My prince’s sword is broken, limp in his hands
And when the dragon breathes upon him
So soon, too soon, he’s dead where he stands.
Slowly, my dragon lumbers
:iconmacabrevampire:MacabreVampire 7 6
The Ruined Mansion
Fandom: Kuroshitsuji
Author: MacabreVampire (silenttaiyoukai)
Word Count: ~1,000
Characters: Undertaker/Mey-Rin
Summary: Mey-Rin and the Undertaker revisit the mansion.
A/N: This is "The Maid and the Mortician" chapter 6.
They let themselves in through the servant’s entrance in the rear of the mansion, which was rusted on its hinges and hung crookedly ajar like a monster’s gaping maw.
In such a relatively short time, it had been transformed into something akin to an old-world Gothic castle from the penny dreadfuls Mey-Rin loved reading so. It was grotesque and beautiful, surreal and so very dreary. Nature had begun to slowly reclaim the decaying ruin, with vines crawling their way through the windows to coil themselves along the floorboards and around the legs of the dusty, slowly molding furniture. The kitchens now smelled of dust and death where there had once been the constant aroma of lovely confections and sweet tea, and the occasional burnt roast from Ba
:iconmacabrevampire:MacabreVampire 2 3
Servants Stamp by MacabreVampire Servants Stamp :iconmacabrevampire:MacabreVampire 50 0
So I was walking down the street yesterday
my street
the one where the Chinese and Korean places meet
and I had my eyes in the sky but my head down and nose to the ground
cause I was flying high and didn’t want to take off again
not like the pigeons hopping round my moving feet
and not like Jimmy who had gone surfing in the clouds and never come back down
at least not like his old self
I was moving in time stepping on down the line when this skirt comes up to me
this pair of four inchers thin as a stick and red lips that say
hey kid, you okay?
and I’m stuck real good gummed to the sticky sickly sidewalk
the concrete highway where we’re caught in a jam but everyone else is still moving on
keeping on trucking and chugging
and tripping like me
and I pull myself out of my mind for a minute just to say
I’m okay
then she starts up again and I’m running like a well-oiled machine
I’m time warping through the rain-soaked ruins of the sinning city streets
:iconmacabrevampire:MacabreVampire 3 0
Scenic Scenery by MacabreVampire Scenic Scenery :iconmacabrevampire:MacabreVampire 2 0 Mexican Grey Wolf III by MacabreVampire Mexican Grey Wolf III :iconmacabrevampire:MacabreVampire 8 0 Mexican Grey Wolf II by MacabreVampire Mexican Grey Wolf II :iconmacabrevampire:MacabreVampire 8 0 Mexican Grey Wolf I by MacabreVampire Mexican Grey Wolf I :iconmacabrevampire:MacabreVampire 2 0
Mature content
The Ritual :iconmacabrevampire:MacabreVampire 5 6
Play Ball!
Author: MacabreVAmpire (silenttaiyoukai)
Fandom: Inuyasha
Rating: PG
Words: 250
Genre: General, Humor
Characters: Souta and Inuyasha
Summary: Souta tries to teach Inuyasha to play a new game.
"What's this game called again?" Inuyasha asked as they walked out into the yard. Souta's favorite aluminum bat was slung over his shoulder.
"Baseball," Souta said. Once they were well away from the house, Souta showed Inuyasha where to stand and then took his own place a few feet away. "I'll throw the ball and you see how for you can hit it. You remember how to hold the bat?"
"Yeah," Inuyasha said, taking his stance. Souta grimaced. Inuyasha was holding the bat straight out near his chest. He looked like he should have been holding a sword instead of a baseball bat. "Just throw the ball already."
Inuyasha looked so ridiculous that it took a few minutes for Souta to gather the concentration to pitch. He was trying not to laugh.
"Throw already!" Inuyasha yelled.
Souta pitched
:iconmacabrevampire:MacabreVampire 5 8
Liz's Reading List by MacabreVampire Liz's Reading List :iconmacabrevampire:MacabreVampire 9 2 Sammi by MacabreVampire Sammi :iconmacabrevampire:MacabreVampire 17 3
The Nightfolk Cafe (pt. 2)
As soon as I stepped off the bus I felt at home. I stood there on the dirt road with a suitcase in each hand, listening to the sound of chirping birds and rustling trees. Technically, the city was my home, but out here in the country was where I had grown up and where I felt most comfortable.
I started walking down the long familiar road, bordered on both sides by a thick forest of trees. I had walked this road so many times that every rock was familiar. I smiled as I came across an old, rusted sign nailed to one of the trees. The old "Beware of Vampire" sign my aunt had hung there when they had first moved into the house, long before I was even born. My aunt always had a weird sense of humor.
The sun was starting to set when I reached the house, which looked the same as always. A big Victorian with a wrap-around porch and an enormous flower garden out front. I felt like I hadn't been to visit in years, when it had really only been a few months. Now I was going to spend the entire week
:iconmacabrevampire:MacabreVampire 2 2

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